Massage Massage is a simple portal to book an appointment with a certified massage therapist in your area. Indicate your postal code above and choose from the suggested filters to determine the appropriate massage therapist for you. He/she will meet you in your home or you can go to his/her private practice and receive a service from a genuine wellness specialist.


The benefits


Massage benefits are many. Here are a few:

  • It prevents the pain associated with repetitive movements, whether sitting at the office, being active in your workplace, or playing sports.
  • It relieves and reduces back pain, which is one of the main causes of disability. It improves joint mobility and promotes a greater range of motion.
  • Massage also reduces anxiety, as well as soothing, and improves sleep quality.

A preventive care


When asked what the secret to his longevity was, the actor Bob Hope, who lived to be a hundred years old, answered: one massage a day!

Aging is a process of degeneration; some people can be affected by it as soon as they are in their forties. So, massage is a great way to counter its long-term consequences. However, it’s never too late to start enjoying all the benefits of a good massage!

Insurance claim


Learn more about the terms and conditions of your payments or the coverage offered by your insurer. Some insurance covers up to 80% of your massage therapy!

Following your massage, your receipt will be always available in your customer account, and you will also receive it by email.


A relaxation massage will also be therapeutic by its beneficial virtues on body and mind but will focus on overall relaxation and affect your overall well-being.

A therapeutic massage will relax you but be more precise and focus on the relief of musculoskeletal pain.



Thank you, your hands are magical. I had countless spasms in my lower back over the past few weeks and in one session it has more than decreased. I can say it’s 98% resolved!!

Julie L. Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

Thank you, because thanks to the massages, I was able to extend my running time quickly after my recovery and I was able to continue my training as planned to prepare for my marathon.

Valérie B. Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

I had been having pain in my leg at the hip level since I was pregnant. I suffered for two years; then the massage therapist discovered several tensions in my sacrum and gluteus. Since the massage, I no longer have pain in my leg. The pain is all gone.

Vanessa R. St-Zotique



60 minutes


90 minutes

Plus taxes


60 minutes


90 minutes

Plus taxes


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Give a relaxing massage experience to someone special.


Our mission at Massage Massage is simple: to connect you with qualified and passionate massage therapists from our team.

We are building a team across the province to make your life easier.

With our platform, you enter your postal code and instantly discover available massage therapists. All of this in just a few clicks.

Gone are the endless internet searches and the many places to look for a massage therapist.

Whether you want to enjoy a massage at your home or in the therapist's office, our experts are here to take care of you.

You can easily book your massage using your credit card, and don't worry, the payment will only be charged on the day of your massage, ensuring a secure transaction with our encrypted data on Stripe. You will receive a confirmation by email.

Moreover, before your appointment, you'll have the opportunity to fill out an online health questionnaire allowing your massage therapist to tailor your experience according to your needs.

On the day of your massage, you will receive a detailed transaction receipt. The next day, you'll receive a receipt for your insurance, which will likely reimburse a significant portion of your massage.

And to ensure you never miss an appointment, we will send you confirmation emails.

Rest assured, all your personal data is protected by our secure encryption, guaranteeing a serene and relaxing experience.

You must provide the massage therapist with a space of about 4x8 feet, which is the size of the massage table and space to move around it. A sink should also be available for the massage therapist to clean their hands. A nearby electrical outlet might also be needed. The massage therapist will bring all their equipment, including a table, clean sheets, comfort accessories, massage oil, and music.



You’d like to focus entirely on your practice, without having to deal with appointment reminders, advertising, and no-shows?

That after a massage, the customer has already paid and the receipt is automatically emailed?

To book a few extra massages at no monthly fee on an appointment booking platform created specifically for massage therapists?

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